Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kicking Off Summer

Last week was the official first week of summer.  It was a busy one but so great to get to start off all the fun that is to be had in the summer.  We have a short summer this year - only 8 weeks so we have to make them count!  We made our summer list of fun again this year.  It is not quite as ambitious as last year but still has lots of great things we want to accomplish!  
 We have already gotten snow cones from the local snow cone truck.  Nothing better than a cold snow cone on a hot day!
 We have spent lots of time at the pool.  The kids are loving swimming (well Kate not so much yet but she will get there).  I love getting to see our friends and hang out outside.
 4 hours at the pool also wears the kids out so we have all taken some good naps this past week!
 Our neighborhood clubhouse is hosting fun activities all summer.  Last week the kids got to make tie-dyed t shirts.  They turned out awesome!
So thankful for this time to be together with the kids when there is not the stress and demands of the school year.  Can't wait to see what all adventures we have!