Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Planning for a Redo

I mentioned yesterday that my mom and I had worked up a plan for a revamp of our front 2 rooms.  This was nothing that we had planned but due to the water damage it is happening so I figure we might as well change things up.  

In the study, we are adding the piano and going to move things around a little bit.  The room has always had all our Auburn stuff in it so we decided to play that up a little bit.  We are going to paint the wall behind the piano Naval and do a gallery wall of pictures from Auburn.  Going to do a fun ikat curtain and pillows in navy.  I am so excited about this room.  It is going to be Auburny without overdoing it (hopefully)!  
 I am also really excited about the dining room.  I have never really liked this room so I'm can't wait to redo it.  For the walls we are going to do a deep bronze color.  It is going to be so deep and rich.  I am going to take the seat covers off the chairs and recover them.  I don't know what exactly I am going to do yet but I am thinking a geometric in one of the colors from the rug.  I found some beautiful panels that are in a cream for the window.  I also want to get new chunky lamps for the buffet.  Hopefully this will update the room and give it a new youthful look!
Can't wait to show you the results in a few weeks!  Will see how close it is to the boards.


Katy Forester Brooks said...

So fun! Can't wait to see the results!