Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Warm Weekend

The weather over the weekend was really warm.  Which was really great except that it did horrible things to all of our sinuses!!  We have all been battling a cold/sinus/allergy stuff for a couple of weeks.  Going from 20 degrees to 60 degrees back to 20 degrees will cause major sinus issues!!  

We were able to get outside and enjoy the weather some on Saturday.  The kids played outside for several hours.  
 We invited some new neighbors over to dessert and games on Saturday night.  It is always good to have new friends that love games as much as we do!
 We stayed home from church on Sunday due to all of us being so congested.  We got a jump start on Valentine's week by doing the kids valentines and boxes.  It is going to be a fun end of the week.
 We also continued our introduction to all things retro by showing them old kids game shows from the 90's.  Legends of the Temple, Guts and Double Dare are totally awesome!  The kids really got into them.  It was a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.