Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1 Month Old

I can't believe sweet baby Kate is already 1 month old today! Time sure does fly. I am trying to savor each minute of it but it is going to fast. It has been an amazing month with her. I am going to try to take a picture and write a little about her each month on her "birthday." This will help me keep up with the baby book whenever I get around to it!

  • Kate, you are the sweetest baby ever! You love to be held but you also don't mind being laid down. You love to just look around and check out what is going on around you. Your favorite thing to watch is Ben! He keeps things interesting around you.
  • You weigh about 8 pounds 2 oz or so. You are still wearing newborn clothes but are finally starting to really fill them out.
  • You nurse 7-8 times each day. You are like a little clock during the day. You start stretching and squeaking every 3 hours. You very rarely cry. We have only heard you give us a big cry on a few occasions.
  • You are a great sleeper. I would say you sleep 18-20 hours each day. You are usually awake for a couple of hours in the morning and then a couple of hours in the evening. At night, you wake up to eat every 3-4 hours but go right back to sleep. You have even gone 5 1/2 hours at a time sleeping!
  • You get the hiccups more than any baby I know! When you were first born you got them about 8 times a day. Now it is down to 2-3 times a day but they are rough. But being the sweet baby you are you take them in stride!
  • You can almost roll over. You throw your legs up in the air and turn over onto your side. Just a little more and you will roll over. You usually sleep on your side during the night!
  • You had a rough first week of life but since then it has been great. This month has been really quiet for you. You got to meet most of your family (still waiting to meet Uncle Andrew). You went to the doctor twice for check ups. You have also been to the park, Panera and the hairdresser. You have also met lots of friends and neighbors. The first thing everyone comments on is your hair! You have so much hair!!
  • You truly are a blessing and it is awesome having you as part of our family!!! Happy 1 month birthday Kate!


LeeAnn said...

Her pink dress is so pretty!!

Jennifer said...

aw, that is really sweet Emily! She does have a head full of hair, doesn't she? I know you are so happy to have her in your family! Glad she is doing so well!