Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day...

(We sang this carol in church a couple of weeks ago and since then it has been stuck in our heads so I thought I would make in the title)

Christmas morning dawned and was full of fun. It was the 4 of us ripping into all the presents from Santa and each other! Great fun! We enjoy checking everything out and eating a fun breakfast together. I love our quiet family morning.

Ben didn't quite get the whole Christmas = presents concept before this morning so he didn't wake up early. Both the kiddos were still asleep and Matt and I were sitting in the living room waiting to open presents at 7:30. I know that was probably the last year of that. Next year I am sure we will be up at the crack of dawn! Here are some pictures of the morning...

All the Santa loot! These must have been some good kids!
Ben checking out what he got. He loved his scooter and shopping cart.
But his favorite was the $4 Matchbox cars!

Kate with all her goodies! She got a play mat, a Bumbo, a penguin and a monitor!

Matt opening his stocking. He loved his Batman PJ pants!

Ben riding his scooter with a dumb dumb in his mouth. What you can get away with on Christmas morning!

Then it was on to opening presents...

Ben thanking Kate for the DVD that she got him.

Ben sporting his Lighting McQueen bedroom shoes.

Mommy with her socks Ben got for her. That is what I told him I wanted and he told Matt and they went and bought them.
Family picture