Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

This is a post that should have been up 3 weeks ago but something occurred that kept it from happening. I had a deadline that all Christmas shopping had to be done by November 1st and that I was going to get the tree up the 2nd week in November. The shopping was done and we got the tree up and boy was that a good thing! Miss Kate made her arrival the next day! It could have been all that decorating that sent me into labor. All that to say I have loved having everything decorated and done so early. It has made the Christmas season so relaxing and stress free. I went to the post office today and it was crazy! I am so glad I am not going to the mall right now. Here are a few pics of how things are looking around our house!

My 2 wonderful Kiddos under the Christmas tree. Ben setting up his train under the Christmas tree. He could spend hours sitting and watching the train go around and around!

Putting the star on top of the tree!

I love how my dining room turned out this year!

Our 4 stockings!!


LeeAnn said...

Your house is beautiful, as always! And the munchkins look so cute under the tree together!

Lisa Hayes said...

Everything looks so wonderful, Emily!