Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Today is the day that we had talked about inducing Kate if she wasn't already here but instead I am posting info from her 2 week doctor's visit. So crazy!!! It is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks. In some ways it seems like they have flown by but in other ways it has seemed like the longest 2 weeks.

Miss Kate is doing awesome!!! I took her to the doctor yesterday for her 2 week check and she is doing great. She is up to 7 pounds 2 ounces!! She is a chunky monkey! Back to her birth weight by 2 weeks. It took Ben almost a month to get back to his birth weight. She is eating great. About every 3 hours (sometimes more sometimes less - we are totally on demand feeding). Everything else looked great at her check up. She continues to be an awesome baby. She sleeps great and very rarely cries. Really she will go a couple of days without really crying. It is awesome. I keep waiting for the "other shoe to drop" and for things to get crazy but so far so good. We are just enjoying her so much! I prayed for an easy going baby that liked to sleep and so far my prayers have been answered.

Matt went back to work yesterday so that was sad. Ben so loved having his daddy off for 2 weeks. We are now adjusting to real life. I have had some help from Matt's parents the last couple of days but I have been trying to also manage on my own and it is going good so far.

Kate's umbilical cord finally fell off yesterday so she got to get a real bath last night so here she is having her first bath! She really seemed to enjoy it.


Jennifer said...

I can't believe its already been 2 weeks! I am glad she is doing so great and growing right along. Sweet picture of her in the bath, looks like she is just laid back and enjoying it!

Amanda Sanford said...

Hard to believe she is two weeks old already! Man, time flies!
I am so glad she is a good natured little girl. I found having two at home was no harder than one, really. Help is so appreciated, but it is good to try it on your own, too! After all, this is your life!!!
Keep enjoying your handsome blonde and your dark headed beauty!