Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Man, Big Man

This week I have some funny Ben stories so it may be a week all about Ben.

Every night we read a Bible story to Ben before bed. He has a fun Bible story book that he really likes. It is a special time each night for us as a family. Well he has picked out his favorite story in the Bible for sure. It is called Little Man, Big Man (the story of David and Goliath). He wants to read it every night. We read it about 4 nights a week and then just put our foot down the other nights! He can almost quote the story now! He loves to show his Bible book to everyone that comes to our house and tell them about Little Man, Big Man! It is so great to see him get so excited about the Bible!!

Another funny Ben story that happened last week. Matt and I were working on something on the computer and Ben was upstairs playing. The phone rang and I went to get it but it stopped by the time I got to it so I assumed I just missed. About 2 minutes later I heard Ben yelling down from upstairs "Mama Phone!!" He was coming down the stairs carrying the phone. And yep there was someone on it!! He had answered the phone. It was my friend Krissy and she said he did a great job. He said hello when he picked up and talked to her for a couple of minutes and then came and got me. It just cracked us up because we had never even seen him pick up the phone before. He is growing up so fast!! We are so proud of him.


LeeAnn said...

He looks so happy and proud holding his book. And at least he is answering the phone and not calling China.