Monday, June 1, 2015

Baseball Tournament

Saturday morning, we woke up and moved on from dance recitals to baseball!!  Ben had his big end of the season tournament.  He was so excited about the tournament and said "this is the biggest day of my life."  We started the day with a good breakfast at McDonalds.  
 He has had the best team this year.  They ended up finishing the year in 2nd place only losing to 1 team.  They have been such a fun and sweet bunch of boys with great coaches.  So thankful for such a great experience.
 The tournament went awesome!  They did great in the first game winning 12-1.  Ben went 2 for 2 and had a blast.  The second game was much harder in the heat of the afternoon.  Matt was out of town but got to Facetime each time Ben was up to bat which was great.  The game was back and forth and unfortunately they ended up losing in the last inning.  It was a sad way to end the season but they did so great all year!!
 It was then time for trophies!  The coaches said such amazing things about our Ben and what a good player he is (we have to agree).

Ben can't wait for baseball season to start back up next spring!  We just love watching him play and are so proud of how hard he has worked to improve this year!