Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grand Tetons & A Long Drive

Sunday morning (6/7) we woke up early for a special breakfast.  When we were getting ready for the trip I was reading a list of restaurants with the best views.  The Granby was listed as one of the top 10 views in the U.S. and it is right in the middle of the Tetons.  We had to get a reservations and the view lived up to the hype!

 Just breathtaking to eat breakfast and watch the clouds break up over the mountains.

 We then headed back into the park for a quick hike.  It was gorgeous including a beautiful creek.

 On our walk back we happened to see a moose crossing the trail in front of us.  Last check mark on our list of big animals to see!  We were very lucky to get to see so many different animals.

 We then headed over the Jenny Lake to check out a lake formed by a glacier and to attend a ranger talk.  It was amazing!

 The kids were excited to get to touch the super cold water!

 The also got sworn in as Junior Rangers for Grand Teton National Park.  They really got into the whole Junior Ranger thing!

 Then we loaded into our car for our long drive.  We knew this would be the worst drive of our trip.  It is a long way from northern Wyoming down to Colorado.  We didn't know how boring the drive would be.  It was really pretty but there was nothing along the way.  And when I say nothing I mean nothing.  We saw about 2 gas stations and not much else.  Needless to say we got pretty hungry and there was nothing to be found.  This is about all we saw.
 Thankfully after 8 hours we finally made it to Colorado right before dark and found a McDonald's (yuck but we were starving by this point).  Our final destination for the evening was Grand Lake, CO which would be our Rocky Mountain home for the next 3 nights.


Chris & Katy said...

Loving the posts! We are trying not to be too jealous! Love how you're always making special moments for the kiddos!