Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yellowstone Day 4 - Geyser Basins & Old Faithful Inn

One of the huge advantages of staying at the Old Faithful Inn is that you can wake up and walk out on the balcony in your pjs to see Old Faithful geyser erupt.  And that is exactly what we did on Friday morning (6/5).  Such an amazing experience!

 We then got dressed and headed over to the bike shop to rent bikes for the day in order to explore the lower geyser basin and biscuit basin.  Bikes were the perfect way to check out all they geysers and thermal features.  They had a great variety of bikes that were perfect for all of us including a trailer for Kate to ride in.
 Ben did an amazing job keeping up and biking with us.
 It was really neat to get to ride by and get hit with geyser steam on a bike!

 The Morning Glory Pool was probably our favorite pool we saw all week.  It was beautiful!!

 We then headed over to Biscuit Basin which meant a ride down an unpaved trail.  It was the most fun I have ever had!  It was beautiful to look up and see such amazing sights while riding with the wind in your face.  It was awesome!!
 We locked up our bikes at the Biscuit Basin and checked it out.  Even more thermal features...

 We then headed out on a hike to Mystic Falls.  It was about a mile hike up to a cascading waterfall.

 It was a gorgeous hike and a beautiful falls!

 This was our picnic spot for the day.  It doesn't get much better than this (well if the mosquitos had not been around that would have been perfect).
 On our way back we saw an coyote just walking beside us.  Crazy!!
 Once again we learned the hard physics lesson that what does down must go up and we had to go back up that really fun hill on the trail to get back to the inn area.  It was a tough ride but we all survived!
 And of course we had to stop and watch Old Faithful erupt again because you can't just ride by and not stop when it is set to go off in 5 minutes.

 One of the really neat things we discovered in the National Parks was the Junior Ranger program.  The kids had so much fun completing their books in order to get their badges.  They have a fun little swearing in ceremony with a Ranger.
 Yellowstone National Park Junior Rangers!
 We then went back to the Inn to check it out a little.  It was absolutely amazing!
 It was built in 1904 and is beautiful!!  The Wilderness Lodge at Disney looks just like the inn.  I loved getting to explore the inn and all the details.  Many of the furnishings are original from 1904.  Our room was one of the original room which meant no bathroom (shared one down the hall) but it was so cool to get to stay in such a historic room.

 We were lucky enough to get reservations at the restaurant in the inn (well ok we made them 9 months in advance).  It was really fun to have dinner in such a historic place.  The chairs were original to 1904.  The food was just Ok but the atmosphere was pretty special.

That pretty much wraps up our time in Yellowstone.  Both Matt and I agree that our experience there really blew us away.  I guess we didn't know what to expect but every expectation was met plus some.  We loved the park and all we got to see and do form the wildlife to the geysers to the canyon.  It was all so amazing.  We really felt like we got to see and do so much throughout the park.