Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rafting the Colorado River

We were all super excited for Tuesday (6/9) because we got to white water rafting down the Colorado River!!!!  Matt and I both really enjoy rafting and were so excited to find an outfitter that would allow 5 year olds so that we could take the kids.  We were a little worried that it would be freezing but we woke up to a gorgeous day with the warmest temperatures we had seen in over a week.  We could not wait to hit the river!!  

 We all got suited up in our safety gear and heard all the horror stories of the bad things that could happen (I started freaking out about taking a 5 year old and 8 year old on the river).

 Before we knew it we were on our way.  Ben loved every minute of the trip.  I don't think this big smile left his face the whole time.
 We had an amazing guide who had been rafting for 25 years so he made it super easy and fun.  The scenery was awesome!!!  We were down in a canyon area so we got to look up through rapids to see amazing sights!

 Can't see it real well but there is a bald eagle in this tree.  So majestic!
 Then we hit the rapids!  They were fun class 2 and 3 rapids.  The river was really running due to all the rain so it was even more fun.  We hit the biggest rapid head on and got soaked!  So much fun!!!

 The water temp was around 50 degrees so it was quite chilly.  We stopped along the river to allow some of the crazy people to jump off a big rock.  Kate and Ben jumped in and swam around a little (not off the really high rock).  Matt and I thought they crazy because the water was freezing!

 It was such a fun day.  So glad we got to experience the fun of rafting with the kids.

 We spent the evening in Grand Lake getting dinner, playing at a park and strolling around the lake.  It was the perfect way to end the day!