Monday, June 22, 2015

Yellowstone Day 3 - Old Faithful Area

We quickly moved into the cauldron area of Yellowstone (did you know it is on a giant super volcano that could blow up at any minute).  Our first stop was at the artist paint pots.  Beautiful bubbling waters and mud.  

This pool was like a giant boiling pot of water.  So crazy!!

 I finally got my iconic Yellowstone photo I was looking for...  a bison with bubbling springs behind it.  Yellowstone is all about the geysers and bison!
 We made it to our destination for the night - the Old Faithful Inn.  We were super lucky to get to spend 2 nights in this amazing old hotel.
 The first thing we did was go get some ice cream and sit on the porch to wait for Old Faithful to erupt.
 Old Faithful lived up to its name and erupted every 90 minutes (+ or - 10 minutes).  It was amazing to watch.  It shoots so high up into the air!

 After dinner, we took a drive back out into the geyser basin to experience twilight on the firehole.  We got to see some amazing geysers going off and even more mud pots.

 My favorite may have to be the beautiful sapphire pools.  They get their beautiful blue color due to heated water.  The blue means the water is 190+ degrees.  It is gorgeous!

 We were lucky enough to get to see the pink geyser go off!  It was really cool and did have a little bit of a pink color to it.

 We finished up the night watching the sun set over the Grand Prismatic Pool!  Stunning!!

 Day 3 was really busy!!  We walked over 11 miles and climbed 37 floors.  Insane!!!!  Thankful little legs were able to keep up and everyone had a great attitude.  It was an amazing day full of such beautiful sights.