Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yellowstone Day 2 - Lamar Valley & Tower Falls

We were all up early on Wednesday morning (6/3 - like 5:30 early).  We were all just laying in bed and Kate said "why are we just laying here when there is so much beautiful to see?"  We had to agree so we got up and ate a quick breakfast before heading out for an early morning drive to see some wildlife in Lamar Valley.  We saw lots of prong horn deer.  
 It was beautiful to watch the sun rise through the clouds.
 We got our first glimpse of the famous Yellowstone bison.  They are everywhere in the park.  You see them all over.  We even got caught in an early morning bisonjam.
 Loved seeing all the baby bison.
 Lamar Valley was absolutely beautiful.  You could see for miles and was stunning.

 A very rare sight in Yellowstone are wolves but we had gotten word that there were a couple of bison carcasses in Lamar Valley that the wolves were feeding on.  We were lucky enough to get to see 4 wolves!!  
 It was the morning of wildlife because then we saw a den of coyotes and lots more bison!

 After our time in Lamar Valley we began to make our way down to the canyon area for the rest of the day.  On the way we stopped at Tower Falls.
 It was a short hike down to a beautiful falls.

 There was a trail down from the falls so we kept on hiking down.  It afforded beautiful views of the Yellowstone River.
 We kept on hiking down...
 Until we reached the end of the trail.  There was still a ways to go beyond the trail to get down to the river so we went off the trail and kept on going until we reached the bottom.  It was a little steep and crazy but it was awesome!!  Such amazing views.

 Then we quickly remembered that everything that goes down must then go back up and we had to hike back up that crazy trail to the top.  Not so sure how we made it but it was good family building time and we had a blast!