Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Idaho & Grand Tetons

Saturday morning (6/6) we woke up early and hit the road to exit Yellowstone.  We first went through Montana.  
 And then it was on to Idaho!  We were excited to add another new state to our list.
 Idaho was beautiful with green fields of potatoes!  We saw lots and lots of potato plants.
 There were some super sized dandelions.  Kate made lots of wishes.  
 We found the perfect picnic spot on the side of the highway with a lake and the Teton mountains in the background.

 We then headed through the Teton Pass to get down to Jackson and the Teton area.  It was a crazy, windy road.

 We were all blown away by the Tetons.  They were absolutely gorgeous!!  We made a few fun stops along the way after we entered the National Park.

 We headed out to the Mormon Row area of the park where I spent some time taking some photos.  I will do a post of just my landscape photos next but the kids had fun playing while I took photos.

 After our time in the park, we headed back to Jackson for the night.  We had a fun evening planned at the Bar T 5 Ranch.  It is a covered wagon dinner and show.  We got to load up on wagons pulled by horses and head up into the mountains for dinner.

 Along the way we were even attacked by Indians!!
 The cowboy dinner was absolutely delicious!!!
 And the show was so much fun.  Lots of fun music and jokes.

 The kids even got to join in and sing.

 The ride back to the ranch was beautiful!

 It was such a fun way to spend the evening!  A real Wild West experience!
 We finished up the night by heading down to the square in Jackson and hanging out with some crazy characters.

 We were all tired after such a fun day!