Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eckleys Head West

Well, we made it home on Monday from our crazy 15 day adventure out West!  I am not sure how we did it but we had an AMAZING time.  It went way better than I could have ever imaged.  It was our first big trip where we planned every stop ourselves and did so much travelling on our own.  We were in a different place just about every night which is overwhelming.  I was nervous about how it would go but it was awesome!  The kids did awesome.  So thankful to be at the point where they can carry their own bags and things.  They were the perfect ages for this trip.  We had so much fun, got to see so many amazing places and enjoyed time together as a family.  Couldn't ask for more out of a trip!  We are settled in back home now having put away the suitcases and washed 10 loads of laundry.  But we have lots of great memories that I can't wait to share over the next few days.  

One of the most daunting tasks was figuring out how to pack for 4 people for 15 days in all sorts of different weather scenarios.  We were going to be travelling from cold to hot and lots in between.  Somehow we managed to do it.  4 suitcases all weighing 49 pounds and 4 backpacks held everything we needed!
 We got a great deal on flights out of Nashville so we were up early on Monday(6/1) headed to Nashville.  Everyone was so excited!

 It was Kate's first plane trip since she was 2 so she didn't ever remember flying.  She loved it!
 We had a 4 hour layover in Denver so we walked up and down the airport several times.  Wasted lots of time!  We got our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.
I looked over while we were walking around the Denver airport and saw Brown Puppy was along for the trip.  I didn't know Ben had brought him!  Love that sweet boy!

 Then by 8 pm we landed in Montana!!  It was great to watch our first sunset in Big Sky country!
We went to bed fairly early to get ready for a jam packed schedule over the next few days!!