Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yellowstone Day 2 - Bears, Mudpots, Lake Yellowstone & Artist Point

After our crazy hiking adventure we took a break to be silly in the gift shop.  There were lots of crazy things in the shops throughout the park.  
One of the cool things about Yellowstone is how varied the different areas of the park are.  We began to travel south for the day and had to head to higher ground which was much more arctic like.
Kate took a little nap...
We had to stop for a quick play/picture in the snow.  
The main thing we wanted to see in the park was bears.  After we didn't see them in Lamar Valley we were worried we wouldn't see them at all.  But as we were travelling up a windy road into the mountain area we saw a bunch of cars pulled over and park rangers in vests so that means bears.  We quickly found a spot to pull over and ran back to see a mama bear and 2 cubs playing in the snow!  We were so excited to see bears!!!!

After driving down the mountain we moved in the cauldron area with lots of geothermal features.  Up first was the boiling mud pots.  It was crazy to see mud bubbling and spewing up out of the ground because it was so hot.  
They were quite stinky.  Love this picture because it looks like Ben just passed gas.

Kate loved this feature because it is called the dragon liar.  She loved acting like she saw a dragon.
We kept on driving down to Lake Yellowstone.  It was beautiful!!
Nothing like a lake with snow covered mountains in the background.

Not quite like the beaches we are used to playing on but they still have fun rolling around in the sand. 

 We then drove up to our cabin for the night which was in the canyon area.  We were excited to check out the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  But first we had to get dinner and Ben chose a bison burger with mushrooms and bacon.  He loved it!  Thankful for my little guy who is willing to try fun new things!
 The kids got to pick out some new stuffed friends.  Kate chose a black bear since we had seen one earlier in the day and Ben chose a bison.
 After dinner, we took a drive over to see the canyon at night.  It blew us away!!!!!  Artist Point was absolutely stunning and there was no one there so we got to enjoy it all to ourselves.

 This may be one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip!
Day 2 was another amazing day with lots of adventures!  We were so excited to see what day 3 held.