Monday, June 22, 2015

Yellowstone Day 3 - Morning at the Canyon

We woke up on Thursday morning (6/4) ready to go explore the canyon some more.  Our visit to Artist Point the night before had just made us excited to see more of the beautiful canyon!  We we out the door early to drive along the North Rim before others got out.  
Our first stop was at the brink of the Upper Falls.  It was a short, easy walk down to the top of the falls.  It was us and a bus load of Japanese tourists (they were everywhere).

Then it was off to the brink of the lower falls.  It was just us there and we thought it would be an easy hike down to the falls.

We were wrong!!  It was a crazy long hike down.  The whole way down all I kept thinking was what goes down must come up.  We went down like 30 stories so I knew we had to go up that far.  
But when we got to the bottom the views were beautiful.  We were hanging out right over the falls.  I don't have much of a fear of heights but this made me really nervous!!

We were the only ones down there so had to just do selfies!

It was so beautiful!!  We somehow survived the hike back up!

 We then continued our drive around the North Rim- stopping at various look out points along the way.
 You can see in this picture where we were just a little bit earlier at the top of the falls.
 The canyon walls were so beautiful with all the different colors that changed as the sun came up more.  We could have stayed all day and just watched the canyon change throughout the day!

It was a long way down!!

 We then headed back over the Artist Point to check it out during the day and to attend a Ranger talk.

 It was then time to load up and head south towards the geyser basin.  On the way we saw these guys crossing the road.
 We stopped for lunch at a picnic area along a river.

 This guy joined us for lunch.  It was kind of crazy to look up from eating and see a bison 25 yards away!