Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daddy's Princess

Hope you like all the changes on the blog. I thought I would update it a little and change the format. Just needed a change.

We were so blessed to get so many wonderful clothes when Kate was born. Lots of new outfits at showers along with tons of hand-me-downs from friends and neighbors. At one point I think we got about 35 size 3 month sleepers. So I was taking some of them back. I had a stack of them ready to go. Before I took them back I asked Matt if there were any he wanted to keep. This is the one he wanted...

Daddy's Princess!! I thought it was so cute that he wanted to keep this one. She is her daddy's princess.

I caught this crazy picture of Ben tonight. Wearing a construction hat. Carrying a sword and football. In shorts and a sweatshirt. Crazy guy!!! The weather has turned back really cold so we are stuck back inside. YUCK!!! It has been a long day! I need to go to bed!!!


Julie Rodgers said...

Don't you love dressing little girls?!?! And you need to show me how to do all this cool stuff with my blog. I obviously haven't learned how yet. Still using the standard blogger background. :)

Jessica said...

I'm probably needing a few lessons on making my blog more fun too!

Love Daddy's Princess!!! And Ben is just precious. I have tons of pictures of my little brother and sister dressed up in all sorts of things. Usually included cowboy boots.

Jennifer said...

Love the new blog title! Did you make it yourself? Looks great!
and how sweet is Daddy's princess! priceless....as is the picture of Ben!