Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Quiet Weekend

It has been a quiet weekend at the Eckley household. Not because there wasn't much going on but because the loudest member of the family is missing!! Ben went with my parents this weekend down to the Auburn area. It was my grandmother's 84th birthday so my parents were going down for a visit and wanted to take Ben. He loves to go on trips so of course we let him go! He had a blast! Lots of time with Granna and Grandaddy plus GG and other family members. It can't get much better for a little boy! We have missed him but it has been really quiet which is wonderful!! Can't wait to see him in a couple of hours.

Kate and I went to a Women's Ministry Planning retreat Friday night and all day Saturday. It was fun to plan event for our church's women's ministry. Kate loved all the attention from the ladies. Lots of people for her to snuggle up with. Matt enjoyed some down time. Poor daddies never get time alone so he got some time alone but also got some work done. We also enjoyed watching season 2 of 24!! It was a great fun weekend for everyone.

You think grandparents are bad. Great-grandparents are even worse. Here is Ben eating his breakfast on a chair?? I don't know how that happened. And is he eating goldfish for breakfast??

When he stays at GG's house he gets to sleep on the cot. All the boys in the family get to sleep on it when the visit my grandmother. It is a special thing for them. Ben loves it and had been talking about it all week.

Enjoying GG's yummy breakfast!

Ben had a blast playing with my cousin Ben's little boy Kenneth. They played Legos for 3 hours! Kenneth is 4 1/2 so they just played and played during the birthday party for my grandmother.