Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back At 2012

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to look back at what all has happened during the year.  I like seeing what all we have accomplished and what all we did.  It is always so encouraging!!  I started last year taking a look back at the year's highlights through the blog and thought I would do that again. 

January - So I guess January was a slow month for us.  I didn't have that much exciting on the blog.  The weather was super warm all winter so we had lots of fun playing outside.  I took a photography class and learned lots of great new skills that I used all year long.  Kate's "twoness" also began to really show through.  That was something we struggled with all year! 

February - Things got a little more interesting in February.  We celebrated a fun Valentine's Day as a family.  We had a big blowout army themed party (part 2 and part 3) for Ben's 5th birthday.  February was extra special because it had an extra day

March - March was probably our biggest month of the year.  I started with Ben turning 5!!  Then it was off to 8 glorious days at Disney World (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7 & Day 8).  It really was a magical trip we will remember forever.  The month ended with potty training over Spring Break.  It was definitely a break to remember (not in a good way). 

April - We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus to start off the month!  What a glorious celebration it was.  Ben had his first Tball season.  It was a fun experience for us all during the spring.  The kids really enjoyed their trike-a-thon at school and we had a fun adult night out for my brother's birthday.

May -   May was all about finishing up the school year and starting the summer fun.  The kids had their end of year school program and last days.  After all the school stuff was done it was all about jumping into the summer.  We went on a fun zoo trip our first week.  We also started daily trips to the pool and swimming lessons

June - We packed alot into the month of June!!  We finished up the redo of both kiddos rooms.  We now have a princess room and Star Wars room.  We took a fun trip down to Panama City Beach and marked some things off our summer bucket list.  We also went to Bible School and started summer Bible Study.  Matt and I celebrated nine great years of marriage.  The big news was also that Andrew and Kelly were going to have a baby

July - Things did slow down much is July either.  We celebrated a fun 4th of July and did more things on our summer list of fun.  Then we took an awesome fun weekend away to Atlanta (part 1, part 2, part 3).  Kate and I enjoyed a fun tea with Granna.  We finished up the month with another trip down to the coast. 

August - August was a month of big changes for the Eckley family.  We enjoyed Olympic fun at the beginning of the month.  Then it was all about starting school.  We did some back to school shopping and lots of orienting.  Then Ben started kindergarten and Kate started back to school.  Matt had a big birthday and we we were excited about the start of football season (that didn't turn out so well). 

September - It was all about getting into our new school routine.  Matt and I got to go to Elton John's concert which was totally awesome!  Ben lost his first tooth and started soccer

October - We enjoyed the start of fall with a fun trip to the mountains (part 1 & 2).  There were also lots of fun fall activities including pumpkin carving and pumpkin patch visits.  We ended the month with a very Star Wars Halloween

November - November was another busy month that started with showers for Perry and the election.  We went on a fun birthday trip for Matt's dad.  Then it was all about a certain 3 year old.  We had an amazing princess party (part 1 & 2).  We finished up the month being very thankful for all we have been blessed with. 

December - What a great way to finish out 2012!  Matt got a new certification.  We had a rough time with a stomach bug.  I ran in my first race.  We celebrated Christmas with the Eckleys, on Christmas Eve, at home and at the Easts.  It was all wonderful!

Well that was 2012 in a nutshell for the Eckleys!! 


Paige McClure said...

Enjoyed spending time with you guys in 2013. Looks like a great year!